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2017 Pot-of-Gold
July 15, 2017 
Starting at 10:00am
Includes Lunch!! 

B Teams

CC Teams

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Director Contact Info

Andy Zamborsky

Cell: (440) 387-7647


Grass Teams - Coed 6's (2 Female Min)

Will combine divisions if necessary

Team Members

Open/A Teams

Sand Teams - Coed 6's (2 Female Min)


B/CC (2 Nets)

C/Rec (2 Nets)

C Teams

Rec Teams

BB Teams

Tournament Waivers

Tournament Details

Located at Victory Park in North Ridgeville Ohio. We will use a staggered check-in process and your arrival times will be pre-assigned. Please see your captain to sign the team waiver. There will be no waivers available at the tournament. The captain will be the only one allowed at the captain's table. They will receive a copy of the tournament format and rules. Please keep things moving along, know when you are up to play.  They have a full bar available at the facility.

Please clean up after yourself.

Remember, this is for fun. Please show good sportsmanship.
Please be on time and start on time.
Enjoy yourself, that's the point of our tournaments!

Tournament Rules
Pool play games are straight, no win by 2. 
Ties will go to head to head then points allowed.
Playoffs will be best of 3. 1st two games to 21 and 3rd to 15. Win by 2 with a cap of 27.
Lowest seeded teams losing in playoffs MUST keep representatives behind to ref.