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2019 Volleyween - The Original Volleyball Party!

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Please don't wait to the last week or two to sign up. I had to turn away so many teams last year including one of the previous year's champions. Visit to register or call me at (440) 387-7647. Great people, great times.

Format is indoor coed 6's with a 2 female minimum. There is upper (A), middle (B) and lower (C). No sandbagging, this might be the one of the most fun tournaments of the year so keep it that way! If you need help determining what division to play in, let me know. We are contemplating on adding indoor sand 4's and 6's as well to meet the demand, please reach out to me if interested in a sand division.

Tournament includes lots of Halloween candy, Jet's Pizza and it get's better every year! Captain's will get goody bags with their favorite candy and Spooktacular gifts.

I offer instantaneous communication. I post the teams and net assignments online in advance so you know when and where you play when you walk in the door so there is no chaos. You will have net and captain text groups to stay up to date with me and each other. Don't settle for less!

It's at the Force in Eastlake. They have 6 courts and a full bar with food.

Thanks, Andy Z - VBVBPIMP

(440) 387-7647

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October 26, 2019

At the Force in Eastlake Ohio